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Buffing a Car



Interior / Exterior

Paint Correction - 3 Step Process

A full day is spent revitalizing your vehicle by our skilled detailer



- All personal contents removed from door pockets, center console, trunk or hatch and storage areas for more thorough cleaning

- Vents, dash, seat seams and hard to reach areas are blown out before cleaning

- Detail “Toothbrush” is used to clean all crevices… Including the stubborn dirt in between seat seams

- Carpet and Mats shampooed and extracted

- All interior panels are cleaned and then treated with a uv blocking restorative protective dressing… guaranteed non greasy

- Leather seats and surfaces are cleaned with a ph balanced cleaner that safely lifts out dirt and oil without drying out your leather and replaces moisture lost through day to day exposure to the sun


- Paint correction - 3 Step Process

- After washing, we use a paint cleaning clay bar to remove paint contaminants


- We apply Meguiars Compound Correction with a random orbital polisher. This removes moderate defects and create as high gloss swirl free finish


- We follow that with Meguiars hybrid finishing wax. It contains carnuba wax for brilliant shine and it is a sealant for incredible durability

-Small SUVs and Crossovers add $20

-Minivans and large SUVs add $40

-Showroom Detail Exterior Only… $189.95


For Showroom Detail appointment Call 847-848-4714

Before SHowRoom Detail


After SHowRoom Detail

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